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Pizza Oven Wood Pellets: Why they’re perfect for your pizza oven

Pizza Oven Wood Pellets: Why they’re perfect for your pizza oven

Our pure wood pellets are the perfect choice to fuel your pizza oven. Not only do they light super easily, they are designed to burn longer and hotter than alternative fuel options. They achieve amazing results whilst producing less ash – yes please!

We’re not done bragging just yet – without a doubt, our favorite thing about cooking with our Fuel for Food pizza oven wood pellets is the delicious natural flavours they infuse into food.

Why do pizza oven wood pellets make food taste so good?

The flavour that our pellets provide comes from the type of wood that was used to make them.

Our pellets come in a choice of six flavours: apple, oak, maple, cherry, walnut (European equivalent to Hickory) and acacia (European equivalent to Mesquite). Each wood type has a unique flavour which will infuse into your food as it cooks. Certain wood flavours work better for each type of meat – we’ll get into that a little later.

How are wood pellets made?

Our Pellets are produced from European fresh cut round wood. The wood is debarked, broken down into wood chips and dried in a rotary drum dryer, before crushing into small pieces and compressing into pellets. They are 100% pure wood pellets, with no binders, no fillers, and no oil added. The result? Top quality hardwood pellets rich in beautiful natural smoke flavour.

How do I know which wood pellets to use?

Although all of our pellets are fine to cook just about anything, just like herbs and spices, certain wood pellets pair better with different meat and dishes. Here’s a little guide to help you choose the right pellet flavour for your desired dish.


Whether you prefer a crispy piece of belly pork or a lean pork medallion, you’re sure to enjoy delicious smoked flavour from our walnut, cherry, maple, and apple pellets.

Fish and Seafood

If you’re a big seafood eater, we recommend trying oak or acacia wood pellets.


We find chicken to be the most flavourful when cooked with acacia, cherry, or apple wood pellets.


All of our wood pellets pair beautifully with beef. Why not try them all and decide which flavour is your favourite?

How can I purchase pizza oven wood pellets?

Our entire range of Pizza oven wood pellets is available to purchase from our website here. 

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