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What Can You Cook in a Pizza Oven?

What to cook in a pizza oven

Are you thinking of investing in an outdoor pizza oven for your garden but wondering how much pizza can you really eat?

Despite what the name implies, you can cook lots of different food and recipes in a pizza oven. Having a wood fired pizza oven really can change the future of home-cooked meals. Pizza ovens, just like the oven in your kitchen, enable you to cook a wide range of meals making them the ultimate cooking accessory for your garden.

Keep reading for some inspiration for your next wood-fired meal in the pizza oven

What food can you cook in a wood fired pizza oven?

The possibilities are endless when using your pizza oven

Now that we have established that pizza ovens are for more than just cooking pizza, what else can you cook in a this oven?

Simply put, anything that you can make in your standard oven or on the grill, can also be made in a your oven. In fact, one might even argue that these foods will taste even better once they have been cooked in the wood fired oven. The style of wood-fired cooking brings out a unique, smoky flavour that enhances the overall taste of the food.  

Once you have perfected the wood-fired pizza, you may want to try your hand at cooking some of the following foods in your oven:

  • Grilled or baked fish
  • Roasted vegetables
  • Seared meats
  • Slow-cooked meats
  • Smoked and barbecued meats
  • Wedges, roast potatoes, and jacket potatoes
  • Freshly baked focaccia, flatbreads, and other bread
  • Baked brownies, cakes, cookies, and other hot desserts

Wood Fired Shakshuka

Watch this video of a wood fired sticky toffee pudding to demonstrate the endless possibilities....

The above list is just the beginning. You can cook just about anything you want to in a wood-fired oven. Wood-fired cooking is a great way to revive home-cooked meals and create delicious new recipes. Your oven can be used to roast, bake, sear, and fire all kinds of different food.

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How to cook different food in a pizza oven

When cooking different foods in your pizza oven, be sure to adjust the cooking temperature, time and position for the best results. Practice makes perfect so don’t feel disheartened if you don’t always get it right first time around!

For instance, to cook the perfect wood fired pizza, you will want your oven to be around 350 – 400 °c. However, if you plan to use your pizza oven to make mouth-watering roast beef, you will want the oven temperature to drop to around 200°c before you begin cooking.

Some foods will taste delicious cooked in the flames of the burning wood. Whereas other food will taste best when cooked in or near the embers. Have fun experimenting with placing your food in different positions of your oven and by cooking with flames or embers for different results.

The type of wood used can also influence the flavours of the food. For the best-tasting wood-fired beef, we recommend using cherry, hickory, oak or ash hard wood to really capture those unique smoky flavours.

The other things that you need to consider when cooking different foods in a pizza oven is the cookware tools and accessories you use. Make sure you use ovenware that can withstand the hot temperature of a pizza oven. You can also experiment with using food wrapped in foils, cooked on a wire rack for those sear marks, in a Dutch oven, or directly cooked on the embers for a charred flavour.

Wood fired Sourdough loaf

Getting the most out of your pizza oven

As you can see, cooking with a pizza oven can be versatile. Whatever you cook, always check your food is thoroughly cooked all the way through before eating.

If you are tempted to invest in a wood-fired pizza oven and take home-cooked meals to the next level, take a look at our full range of outdoor pizza ovens. From the table top Ember pizza oven to the large freestanding Milano oven, we have got a selection of high-quality pizza ovens to suit any garden.

Though our smallest within our range the Alfresco Ember below can cook all recipes.

Alfresco Ember Pizza Oven

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