Fuel for Food

Fuel for Food


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100% Pure Wood Pellets100% Pure Wood Pellets
100% Pure Wood Pellets Sale price£18.95
Kiln Dried Oak Kindling
Kiln Dried Oak Kindling Sale price£12.95
Woodson Firelighters (Box of 6)
Wood Wool Firelighters
Wood Wool Firelighters Sale price£6.95
Ash Kiln Dried Hardwood (Mixed Sized Logs)


Our 100% pure wood pellets are natural, without binders, fillers, or oil

Sustainable cooking with Mathew Hampshire-Waugh

Sustainable cooking with Mathew Hampshire-Waugh

This week we are super excited to team up with Mathew Hampshire-Waugh to learn more about sustainable cooking. Mathew is the author of two books, the first ‘Climate Change and the road to Net-Zero’...