Wood Fired Steak

Wood Fired Steak

Savour the succulent perfection of Wood-Fired Steak, expertly grilled over crackling flames to tender, juicy perfection. Whether it's a sizzling ribeye or a mouth watering filet mignon, the smoky aroma and rich flavour imparted by wood-fired cooking elevate every bite.

Choose your favourite cut of steak, season to your liking, and cook in the Alfresco Chef Ember to add delicious wood fired flavour!

Time: This depends on the cut of steak and your cooking preference.

If you are using a temperature probe, here are the internal temperature guidelines

  • Rare – 50°C
  • Medium rare – 55°C
  • Medium -60°C
  • Well done – 70°C


  1. Take the steak out of the fridge half an hour before cooking.
  2. Rub your desired seasoning into the meat.
  3. Preheat your wood fired oven to around 350°
  4. When your oven has reached temperature, pre heat oil  in a cast iron pan.
  5. Once the oil is smoking hot, remove the cast iron pan and add your cut of steak.
  6. Put back into the oven and close the door. If necessary, top up with small pieces of wood or use a handful of pellets to maintain temperature.
  7. Check every 2 minutes, turn and place back into the oven and close the door.
  8. Once your steak is cooked to your liking, remove from the Ember and Cast-iron pan, leaving to rest on a plate for a few minutes.

Serve, Slice and Enjoy!

  TIP: To add extra beefiness, why not use beef dripping, instead of oil! 

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