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Wood Fired Hasselback Potatoes

Wood Fired Hasselback Potatoes

Discover the perfect blend of crispy and creamy with Wood-Fired Hasselback Potatoes. Roasted to golden perfection over crackling flames, these savoury spuds offer a tantalizing twist on a classic side dish. Whether paired with grilled meats or enjoyed as a standalone indulgence.

What is a Hasselback potato? The name comes from the Swedish word Hasselbacken, a Stockholm restaurant where it was first served. It’s a certain hit at any dinner party!

  1. Heat your wood fired oven to 200C or higher.
  2. Place your potatoes on a chopping board and slice every few mm, be careful to not cut all the way through, try to leave a 1 cm gap at the bottom.
  3. Drizzle the potatoes with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Get stuck in and coat them well and try to get in between the slices.
  4. Add the potatoes to their own tin foil parcel and cover before placing in your wood fired oven.
  5. Roast for 30-45 mins until potatoes of tender throughout. Open the tinfoil parcel for the last 10 minutes for an extra crispy spud.
  6. Leave to rest for 5 minutes before garnishing with parsley.

TIP: Add crushed garlic to your olive oil before coating the potatoes.

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