Wood Fired Spatchcock Chicken

Wood Fired Spatchcock Chicken

Elevate your poultry game with the savoury delight of Wood Fired Spatchcock Chicken. Grilled to perfection over crackling flames, this tender and flavourful dish boasts a smoky essence that tantalizes the taste buds. Serve as the centrepiece for any meal.

There is nothing better than a wood fired chicken! Crispy and a smoky flavour throughout!

At the Alfresco Chef, we love to cook our chicken spatchcock to get more of the wood fired flavour all over the skin.

Time:  Approx 45 – 60 minutes – depending on the size of your chicken (Internal temperature – 75°C in the middle of the breast)


  1. Fire up your oven to its optimum temperature.
  2. Once achieved, allow the wood to burn to embers and the temperature to drop to around 180°C to 200°C.
  3. For a more uniformed heat, spread the embers along the back of your oven using an ember rake or brass brush and close the damper.
  4. Keep the door slightly ajar to maintain the temperature inside the oven as the wood burns down.
  5. Whilst the oven is heating, use good scissors to cut along each side of the chickens back bone to remove.
  6. Turn your chicken breast side up and press down on the breastbone to flatten.
  7. Rub olive oil into the chicken and season with salt and pepper and your desired herbs.
  8. Transfer the chicken to a heat proof baking tray (skin side up). Place into your oven and close the door.
  9.   Rotate the chicken every now and then to allow even colouring on the skin.
  10. Once ready, remove from your wood fired oven and allow to rest before carving and serving.

Why not serve with a fresh salad and wood-fired potato wedges.


  • If the oven cools throughout the cook, use small pieces of wood or kindling to restore the temperatures – opening the damper to allow the wood to burn fully before closing again.
  • If you have reached the desired colouring on the skin before the chicken is cooked, place a foil hood loosely around the edge of the tray that is closest to the fire. This will act as a heat deflector and prevent the skin from burning.

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