Why Our Fuel

Alfresco Chef’s "Fuel For Food" wood pellets are sourced from sustainable orchards in Ukraine - the 'breadbasket of Europe'. These hardwood pellets feature an exceptionally low moisture content and contain no artificial flavours or additives. Unlike inferior pellets made from industrial byproducts like compressed sawdust, our pellets are specifically crafted for wood-fired cooking, ensuring they burn hotter for longer.

Due to their high quality and lack of additives, our wood pellets are also an excellent substrate for growing mushrooms, a popular use among our commercial customers. Whether you're interested in this commercial opportunity or simply looking to purchase some of the finest wood pellets in Europe, we have you covered.

For wholesale quotes tailored to commercial mushroom growers, please get in touch. Otherwise, grab a bag now and use our guide below to learn which species pair best with different foods, whether you're using a wood-fired oven, pellet grill, or pellet smoker.


Best for: beef and lamb.

Robust and slightly tangy. Acacia wood pellets offer a hearty smoke flavour with a hint of sweetness, which is excellent for enhancing the deep flavours of red meats like beef and lamb.


Best for: poultry, pork, and fish.

Apple pellets offer a mild, fruity flavour with a slightly sweet aroma that complements the delicate flavours of poultry, pork, and fish without overpowering them. They can also be used for smoking vegetables or adding a hint of sweetness to baked good.


Best for: beef, particularly steaks and burgers.

Beech pellets provide a mild, slightly sweet flavour that pairs nicely with beef without overpowering it. They can also be used for smoking pork or game meats.


Best for: poultry, particularly chicken and turkey.

Cherry pellets impart a sweet and fruity flavour that complements the natural flavours of poultry well. They can also be used for smoking pork, ham, or vegetables.


Best for: pork and poultry.

Chestnut pellets impart a sweet and nutty flavour that works well with the natural sweetness of pork and the mild taste of poultry. They can also be used for smoking vegetables or cheese.


Best for: pork, particularly ribs and bacon.

Maple pellets impart a sweet, subtle flavour with a hint of caramelization that enhances the natural sweetness of pork. They can also be used for smoking poultry, vegetables, or desserts like pies or cobblers.


Best for: versatile and widely used, oak pellets are suitable for almost any type of meat, including beef, pork, poultry, and fish.

Oak provides a robust, traditional smoke flavour that complements a variety of dishes without dominating the natural flavours of the meat.


Best for: red meats such as beef, lamb, and venison.

Walnut pellets offer a rich, smoky flavour with a hint of nuttiness that enhances the taste of red meats. They can also be used for smoking poultry or seafood.

7 Reasons to Buy Our Fuel

Our Fruit Wood Pellets Generic Hardwood Pellets
1. Source Ukraine - the motherland of most fruit wood species Hardwood sawdust byproduct from industry
2. Produced By Local Ukrainian farmers growing sustainable orchards for agriculture Established industrial lumber and wood product manufacturers
3. Contains Guaranteed 100% single species pure fruit wood -e.g., apple or cherry Artificial flavouring and extracts
4. Additives No additional additives Binding agents or essences added
5. Pellet creation process Natural wood pellet creation process...
1. Fruit wood logs harvested and debarked
2. Crushed to wood chips
3. Compressed into pellets and heat dried in process
4. cooled
Artificially flavoured process...
1. Hardwood sawdust harvested and byproduct collected from industry
2. Additives added
3. Bound into pellets with heat and compression
4. Dried and cooled
6. Moisture content 4% to 8% - optimal for burning 4% to 10% - potential variations
7. Product result Pure fruit wood pellets, offering authentic flavours Hardwood pellets with added flavourings, and a less authentic fruit taste

Customer Review

Harry Allen

These wood pellets are perfect for growing a range of mushrooms on. It's great to know the exact wood type - Beech pellets work very well and there are other single species wood pellets for particular mushrooms. They are the right consistency and absorb water well. Quick delivery is a bonus!

For more information on how to place an order and to increase growth yields using our pure wood pellet fuel contact us here.

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