Wood Fired Halloween Pizza

Wood Fired Halloween Pizza

We have a selection of four petrified mini pizzas perfect for the family this Halloween! Great for a party to let the kids decorate their own or a fun way of keeping them away from the sweets!

Spider Pizza

It’s as simple as it looks, prepare your base and use pitted black olives to help create the scary spider topping!

Mummy Pizza

By far the best creation to make with the kids! Use a classic cheese string and slice a Pimento Stuffed Olive to create spooky eyes!

Bat Pizza

Also great for kids and adults who love Batman, this pizza topping is guaranteed to be a hit with the family! Using a Halloween themed cookie cutter combine mozzarella and Red Leicester cheese slices to cut out the perfect bat topping!

Pumpkin Pizza

We cheated and used another Halloween cookie cutter here but if you fancy it, try your hand at creating a pumpkin shape with a slice of Red Leicester Cheese! Use a lighter cheese for the mouth and eyes and if you have any spare green olives, use a slice for the pumpkin!

TIP: Buy some Halloween cookie cutters if possible, it makes this recipe easy and more fun for the kids.

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