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FishWood Fired Thai-Style Mussels

Wood Fired Thai-Style Mussels

Savour the exotic flavours of Wood Fired Thai-Style Mussels, a tantalizing dish bursting with the essence of coconut, curry, and fragrant spices. Perfectly cooked over open flames, this recipe offe...

FishWood Fired Seafood Paella

Wood Fired Seafood Paella

Experience the vibrant flavours of Spain with our Wood-Fired Seafood Paella recipe. Crafted with a medley of fresh seafood, aromatic spices, and Arborio rice, this dish is a celebration of taste an...

FishWood Fired Roasted Salmon

Wood Fired Roasted Salmon

Experience the exquisite taste of Wood-Fired Salmon Fillet, expertly cooked over crackling flames to tender, flaky perfection. This succulent seafood dish boasts a delightful smoky flavour that en...

FishWood Fired Sea Bass

Wood Fired Sea Bass

Savour the exquisite taste of Wood-Fired Sea Bass, expertly cooked over crackling flames to perfection. Delight in the delicate flavours and tender texture of this delectable seafood dish, infused...


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Cast Iron PanRoasted Glazed Salmon Fillets

Roasted Glazed Salmon Fillets

You need to try this succulent glazed salmon recipe in your wood fired oven! It’s truly a taste sensation! Time: approx. 20 minutes (Internal temperature – 63°C) METHOD In a medium bowl, whisk tog...